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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2014, 4:54 AM
I'm in such a sour mood lately!  Between the amount of shit that needs to be done, vs time I have to do it, multiplied by everything that is going wrong, and I'm just in a crappy ass mood!

Let me rant about 1st how I have started to love Christmas over the past 3 years.  I use to hate it, so I understand where people come from that dislike all the holly jolly shit and stores promoting it.  HOWEVER... Now that I have fallen for Xmas I want to enjoy it, enjoy decorating, shopping, the movies and music... but I can't.  I feel so damn guilty from friends and co-workers that I have to keep my love of the holiday to myself.  I never realized what stress it was on people who actually enjoy the holiday, it is, when people who don't like it bitch about every little thing!  They complain when people put the tree up after Thanksgiving, and start listening to music.  (Mind you my tree only went up today!)  And I thought about this.  Halloween no one complains when the 1st shows up and everyone is decorated for it.  That is 31 days of Awesome Creepy Fun!  Why does x-mas only get 25, and if you start after Thanksgiving that is only another few days, under 30.  :< Well, so this was the downfall of my mood!

Second there is a horrible horrible bitch of a girl at work.  She is rude, has an attitude for just doing your work, and acts like a 5 year old.  She has gotten on 95% of all her co-workers nerves, and for me, having to work with her causes me anxiety and panic attacks.  Mostly via stress of what she will do/say/act and how I may unintentionally respond--cause when pushed enough people do odd things.  
I mostly bring this up here because her name.  Her name is Yara.  Which...ugh... is so close to my character's name: Yura.  To the point I've mixed them up.  Even when writing on chapter 2 of AGA I could only think of the bitch at work with a similar name, so now I'm in a position as to decide Do I keep with her name as it? Or do I change it?  I almost never change a characters name once I decide on one, but this is a special circumstance.  What do you think?

As for other things: Planning for xmas, taking care of my grandmother, my cat ran away, stressing over a hubby xmas present, money/job layoff season (cause nothing says Merry Christmas like You're Fired!)  sooo.... Yargablarg!

I'm sorry the pages are late.  They are finished on my tablet but I haven't had a moment to get to uploading them.  I only just found time between cooking dinner to post this, which I've wanted to for some time.  

Forgive me, and I hope my mood improves soon.  :<


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Trying my best to promote AGA so if you wouldn't mind could you please vote it?

Help if you please. ^^


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